Private dining Venue The Hague

Exclusive private dining The Hague

The Toussainthuis is an Private dining Venue The Hague and unique venue located next to the Royal Gardens of the Noordeinde Palace. Our team is delighted to give you a tour, please contact us for more information.

Your own chef at your Private dining Venue The Hague

In adjacent to your meeting or event, our team can organise a dinner taking place within a private setting. Our chef can prepare a range of courses during a live cooking demonstration and during the preparations a menu can be agreed which is in line with your dietary requirements.


Depending on the set-up you have chosen during the meeting, the dinner can take place in the same set-up. You can choose between a buffet or a fully catered three or four course dinner of your choice. If desired, you can put together a menu together with the chef based on your wishes.


During dinner you have the opportunity to use the meeting facilities that the Toussainthuis offers. For example, you can show a film, give a presentation or play music. This makes it possible to combine dinner with a business part of your meeting.


Our team is available to make your evening more enjoyable and interactive. Our chef can explain with passion about the ingredients, the sourcing or how the courses are prepared. It is also possible to get a short presentation about the history and recent renovation of this unique location.

Interested in private dining? Contact us for more information.

A private dining experience is truly a special and unforgettable way to enjoy a meal with loved ones or colleagues. It provides an intimate atmosphere that is perfect for celebrating special occasions or conducting business meetings in a more relaxed and informal setting. With a private dining experience, guests can enjoy a personalized menu, exceptional service, and the undivided attention of their host or chef. The exclusivity of a private dining room creates a unique ambiance that cannot be replicated in a typical restaurant setting. Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two, a family gathering, or a corporate event, a private dining experience adds an extra touch of elegance and sophistication that will leave a lasting impression.