A historic Dutch location for inspiration – since 1877

The Toussainthuis is an unique venue located next to the Royal Gardens of the Noordeinde Palace. Our team is delighted to give you a tour, please contact us for more information.


Choosing the right looking is essential for the organisation of a training. The Toussainthuis offers a quiet place, with indirect and diffuse indirect light and a pleasant acoustic experience. This contributes to a peaceful training environment with no distraction and room for personal interaction.


Due to the unique set up of the building a great deal of configurations are possible. Besides the historic atelier, there are a number of break out spaces and a open kitchen which can facilitate your training. The spaces can be used for traning simulations, coaching or reflection within smaller groups.

Royal Gardens

During the day of the event, you can enjoy the fire place within the front part of the house or go outside and visit the Royal Gardens of the Noordeinde Palace. The Toussainthuis is located close to the shopping district, the Parlement and all other historic sights of The Hague. Please read here more.


During the meeting or event the wireless internet, the beamer and the projection screen are at your disposal. In addition, you can use the flip-over’s, post-it or a range of other tools which can facilitate your training. The is an audio installation available to videos or for playing back ground music.